You can view and manage web forms details in your account at any time. Web forms are created on your website and associated as a trigger in a customer journey.

Open Web Forms Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Web Forms link.

Add Web Form

Click the Add Form button.

Enter Form Details

In the form name field [1], enter a name for the web form. This field is required and the name displays in the Web Form page.

In the Form URL field [2], enter the URL of the page where you want to add the web form. This field is also required.

If you want to force the customer to be redirected to a custom page once the form has been submitted, click the Force Redirect checkbox [3].

Click the Next button [4].

Select Form

In the Select Forms page, any forms that are found as part of the form URL display in the page. If more than one form is found, the first form will automatically be selected [1]. If you want to preview a form, click the Preview Form checkbox [2].

Ensure the form you want to select is selected. Then click the Next button [3].

Map Fields

Map the fields of the form to the fields used by Cinch. The names may be different from their labels, but they are generally in the same order. Not all fields are required to be mapped.

For each field in the left column, click the menu for its corresponding field in the right column [1]. Select the supported Cinch field you want to map.

Click the Next button [2].

Add Cinch Code

Verify your form is created. Copy the provided tracking code [1]. The code should be pasted between the <head> tags in your webpage HTML.

Click the Finish button [2].