You can create a new support ticket in the knowledge base. Support tickets are submitted to Cinch Support. You can expect a response for your ticket within 1–2 business days.

Open Support Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Support link.

Create New Support Ticket

In the knowledge base Home page, click the New Support Ticket link [1].

You can also submit a new support ticket in the Tickets tab [2].

Complete Ticket Information

In the Requester field [1], your email address will already be entered for you.

If you change the email address, the email field will expand and also ask for your name.

In the Subject field [1], enter the subject of your support ticket.

In the Description field [2], enter the description of why you are contacting the support team. If you need to attach a file, click the Attach a File link [3].

When you are ready to submit your ticket, click the Submit button.