You can view the support knowledge base to find answers to questions about using your Cinch account and manage support tickets.

Open Support Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Support link.

View Knowledge Base

In the knowledge base, you can use two main resources in your Cinch account.

In the Solutions tab [1], you can view articles to help find answers to common questions. 

In the Tickets tab [2], you can view open or pending tickets, check the status of an existing ticket, or create a new support ticket.

Edit Profile

If you would like to edit your profile in the Knowledge Base, click the Edit Profile link.

To change your profile picture, click the Change Photo button [1].

Your full name will be created for you as part of your Cinch account [2]. If you need to change your name, please contact Cinch Support. Your name is inherited from your Cinch account. If you change your account, it will reset when the page is saved.

You can create a title [3], add your work phone number [4], add a mobile phone number [5], and add a Twitter handle, if applicable [6].

Click the Save Changes button [7].