You can add a Facebook account as an integration. Customers from a Journey can be added to a specific Facebook audience and removed from a Facebook Audience as triggered by an event within the journey. 

Multiple Facebook accounts can be added for the Facebook integration.

Once you have added a Facebook account, you can create Facebook audiences to use as part of a journey. Facebook audiences are created in Facebook Business Manager. You need to create an account in business manager to use this integration. 

Learn more about configuring Facebook as a node action in customer journeys.

If you need to remove Cinch as a business integration in your Facebook account, open your profile settings and view the Business Integrations page.

Open Integrations Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Integrations link.

Add Account

In the Facebook section, click the Add Account button.

Log in to Facebook

If you are not already logged in to Facebook, enter your username and password. Then click the Log In button. Facebook will note that Cinch will receive your name and profile picture.

Allow Access

Allow Cinch to manage your ads. Click the OK button.

Note: The only permission that Cinch controls is to manage your ads.

View Account Configuration

View your account configuration. 

Note: If your account does not show up, refresh the page.

To show the available ad accounts, click the Facebook profile [1]. Under the Connected Companies heading, click the menu [2] and select the company you want to associate with the corresponding Facebook Ad account. 

Note: If you have more than one company and another user with a Facebook account, you can add another Facebook account to your profile and use the other user’s account to associate the additional company.

Manage Account

To add another account, click the Add Account button [1]. To sync changes to a Facebook account, click the Sync icon [2]. To delete a Facebook account, click the Delete icon [3].