Follow these steps to setup GROW to work with your Cinch account:

Creating a Grow Data Extractor User for Cinch 

  1. 1. Login to GROW

  1. 2. Hover over employees at the top a drop-down menu will appear click on Employee Setup 

  1. 3. Towards the top left is an arrow and star (see image) click this to create a new employee/user 

  1. 4. Fill out the form with the information as seen below:

  1. a. Employee Type may need to be regional manager or RM 

  1. 5. Click the save (Disk) button in the top left.  

  1. 6. Login to GROW Data Extractor with this new username and set up a password.

Creating the GROW Data Extracts that Cinch will Import

1. Log in to GROW Reporting Service/Data Extractor.

***These steps will be repeated 4 times for the 4 different reports.***

2. Click Create a New Extract from the main menu.

3. Click to Proceed to Step 1 of the Extract Creation Wizard.

4. Choose the Data Category for the extract you are setting up.

    The 5 categories to set up are:

  • Invoices
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice ODI
  • Invoice Promo
  • Invoice_eROC

Click Proceed to Step 2.

5. Click the "> >" button to add all of the possible data fields to the extract. Click Proceed to Step 3.

6. Name the extract. It needs to be named in a specific way for Cinch to recognize the correct files to import.

Data CategoryExtract Name
Invoice Detailcinch_invd
Invoice ODIcinch_interval
Invoice Promocinch_coupons

In the Extract description field, enter the Data category. In the Options choose "Schedule the extract". Click Finish.

7. The last step is to schedule the extract you just created. 

Select the extract. Select XML as the format. Enter as the email address. 

Under Schedule to execute, choose Daily and Every day. Under Date options, select Previous and set it to Previous 2 days. For Range of recurrence, make sure the Start date is set to today and the option No End Date is selected.

Click Save Schedule.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each of the 5 extracts.

Data CategoryExtract name
Invoice Detailcinch_invd
Invoice ODIcinch_interval
Invoice Promocinch_coupons

Find the Franchise's GROW Reference Number Lookup

1. Each Jiffy Lube franchise on GROW has a different reference number.

This can be found from the GROW login page. Click the ellipsis (...) button next to the entity field if it is there. This will allow you to see a drop-down menu of the franchises.

2. Right-click the drop-down menu and select Inspect or Inspect Element (name varies by browser).

3. The page inspector will open with a section of it highlighted. Click the sideways arrow to expand this section of the code.

4. In this expanded section. You will see every franchise displayed in the code in the format:

<option value="number">Franchise Name</option>

Find your franchise in this list and the number to the left of it is the GROW Reference number you will need to finish the integration with Cinch.

Setting up Jiffy Lube/GROW Integration in Cinch

1. Log in to your Cinch account.

2. Click on the Integrations Menu under Settings on left side of the screen.

3. On the Integrations page find the Jiffy Lube section and select Add Franchise.

Enter the Franchise Ref, GROW username & password that you set up for Cinch to access. Then click Submit.

4. Your franchise name will now appear in the Jiffy Lube integration section. Whenever you update update the password in GROW you will need to update it on this page as well. 

*GROW passwords currently expire every 30 days.*

Click the Edit icon :

Update the password and click Submit.

5. You can click the Trash Can icon to delete the integration connection.