You can add an email template as an action in a customer journey. Learn more about actions used in customer journeys.

The Email template editor includes a simple editor to create artwork for your campaign. 

Open Templates Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Templates link.

Add Template

Click the Add Template button.

Add Template Details

In the Name field, create a name for the template [1].

Select the Email template [2].

Create Email Template

Click the Create Email Template button.

Edit Email Details

Click the Edit Email Details button.

Add Details

Complete the following details for the template:

  • *Template Name 

  • *From Name

  • Preview Text for Email Template is shown here. Look in the Settings tab to change the message shown here.

  • *Email Subject

  • *From Email Address

  • Plain Message for Older Email Clients (text summary of what is contained in the email)

*indicates a required field

Click the Save button.

Design Template

The Email Editor includes a basic content view and a premade content view, various structure design options, and design settings.

Manage Template

To preview the template, click the Preview & Testing link [1]. You can preview and test your email template in both desktop and mobile views. You can also send yourself a test email. 

To save the template while making design changes, click the Save button [2].

To save and finish the template at a later time, click the Save & Close button [3].

Send Test Email

To send a test email to yourself or another recipient. Click the "Send Test Email" Button at any time while editing the email template.

Fill in the email address to send the test to. You may add an additional optional message to include at the top of the test email. Click "Send" to deliver the test email.

Publish Template

To publish the template, click the Publish button. Publishing the template confirms the design is final and can be distributed as part of a customer journey.

Note: You cannot publish your template until you have completed the design details.