You can use the Email Editor when creating an email template. The Email Editor is a drag-and-drop component builder used to help you create email campaigns.

Watch a video about using the email template.

The Email Editor includes a basic content view and a premade content view, various structure design options, and design settings.

View Content

The Email Editor defaults to the Content tab and the basic content components.

Basic Content

You can drag and drop any of the basic components into the design window to design your email. Basic options include:

  • Text

  • Image

  • Gif

  • Button

  • Divider

  • Spacer

  • HTML

  • Social links

  • Video

Note: Images can be uploaded in jpeg or png formats with a maximum size of 2MB and a maximum width of 600 pixels. This maximum width ensures the template is displayed for all device types.

To select a basic content object, click and drag the content object over to the design window.

Premade Content

If you’d rather view content that has been made previously as templates, click the Premade button. Premade options include:

  • Header

  • Content

  • E-commerce

  • Footer

To select a premade content object, click and drag the content object over to the design window.

View Structure

The Structure tab includes the different layouts you can choose for your email design.

By default, the design window is set to one column.

To select a structure layout, click and drag the layout over to the design window.

To manage the specific object, click the object. The sidebar updates to show the details of the selected object.

View Settings

The Settings tab allows you to customize various elements in your email design. 

Setting options include:

  • Max Width (600 px is default)

  • Background color

  • Block color

  • Button color

  • Link color

  • Heading 1 color, size, and font

  • Heading 2 color, size, and font

  • Heading 3 color, size, and font

  • Paragraph color, size, and font

  • Button text color, size, and font

  • Line height spacing (the space between each line of text)

  • Preview Text (Text a recipient will see in their inbox before opening the email)

All options with color default to no color. You can select from the default set of colors, select a color from the color slider, or enter a specific RBG or CYMK color.

Manage Objects

To manage an object, click the individual object. 

To move or reorder an object, click the Move icon [1]. Alternatively use the Arrow up or down icons to move the object [2] To duplicate the object, click the Duplicate icon [3]. To delete the object, click the Delete icon [4].

To undo your changes, click the Undo button.

To redo the last change that was removed, click the Redo button.

To insert new content directly above or below this content click the green + icon above the content to add before, or below the content to add below.