You can add a template as an action in a customer journey. Learn more about actions used in customer journeys.

The Mail template editor includes both a simple editor and advanced editor to create artwork for your campaign.

Open Templates Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Templates link.

Add Template

Click the Add Template button.

Add Template Details

In the Name field, create a name for the template [1].

Select the paper size for your template [2]. Options include 11”x6”, 8.5”x5.5”, or 6”x4”. By default, paper size is set at 11”x6”.

Create Mail Template

Click the Create Mail Template button.

Design Template

The editor window initially loads the simple editor for the front side of your mail campaign.

View Simple Editor

The simple editor allows you to upload previously created artwork for your mailer. 

To open the editor, click the Background layer, which defaults to the color tab. The background also defaults to no color. If desired, you can select from the default set of colors, select a color from the color slider, or enter a specific RBG or CYMK color.

To select an image, click the Image tab. 

Images can be uploaded to your account files, or selected from public images. To insert an image, click the image. At the bottom of the window, click the Insert link. Images can also be edited directly in the image window.

View Advanced Editor

If you want to switch to the Advanced Editor, click the Switch to Advanced Editing link. The Advanced Editor allows you to add text, rich text, images, lines, shapes, QR codes, barcodes, and variable data fields.

Manage Canvas

The layers menu is visible by default. To show or hide the layers, click the layers button.

To clear the entire canvas, click the Revert button. 

Note: This cannot be undone and displays a confirmation message. 

Verify Template

By default, the editor loads the front side of the mailer. To design artwork for the back side of the mailer, click the Back Side link.

You can view your artwork in full window mode [1], full screen mode [2], and zoom in or out of the canvas [3]. You can also change settings in the marking menu to display safety lines, grid, and snap lines for your artwork [4]. 

To preview the template on your computer screen, click the Preview button.

To download your mailer as a two-sided PDF, click the Download button.

Save Template

To save the template, click the Save button.

Publish Template

To publish the template, click the Publish button. 

Publishing the template confirms the design is final and can be printed as part of a customer journey. By proceeding, you confirm that you are responsible for any mistakes or problems with the design.