You can view and manage segments in your account at any time. Segments are created using SQL and are associated as triggers or actions in a customer journey.

Open Segments Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Segments link.

View Segments Page

In the Segments page, you can view the name of the segment, the creation date, the customer count, the user who created the segment, the last updated date, and the possession information. Each column can be sorted by clicking the arrow next to the header name. By default, the page is sorted with the newest segments at the bottom of the page. You can also sort the page for a specific segment.

Add Segment

To add a new segment, click the Add Segment button.

Manage Segment

To manage a segment, hover your mouse over the segment and click the More Options icon [1].

  • To Edit the segment, click the Edit button [2].

  • To Copy the segment, click the Copy button [3].

  • To Export the segment as a CSV file, click the Export button [4].

  • To Delete the segment, click the Delete button [5].

View Segment

To view a segment, click the name of the segment.

The segment displays user details within the segment: full name, email, visits, monetary spend, date of first visit, date of last visit, value segment, and possession information.

You can also export the customer segment, edit the segment, and copy the segment.