You can use the Advanced Editor when creating a mail template. The Advanced Editor can be used to create artwork for your mail campaign.

The Advanced Editor allows you to add text, rich text, images, lines, shapes, QR codes, barcodes, and variable data fields.

Switch to Advanced Editor

The mail editor defaults to the simple editor. Click the Switch to Advanced Editing link. 

View Layers

The canvas window always displays the background layer. This layer is locked, which means it cannot be removed as a layer. The Advanced Editor menu displays on the right side of the canvas.

Add Layers

You can add layers to the canvas using the Editor Menu. Any item you select will be added as a layer. For instance, adding a text layer displays the layer at the top of the layers list.

An added layer object can be edited or deleted by clicking the object in the canvas.

Manage Layers

The layers menu is visible by default. To show or hide the layers, click the layers button.

Each layer includes specific options as part of each layer object. The layer object at the top of the layer menu is the top-most object in the canvas. 

To manage a layer, click the Options menu for that object. You can delete the object, clone the object, align the object, and order the object (front, up, down, bottom).

You can also order objects outside the Options menu by using the drag handle to the left of the layer.

To undo the last change, click the Undo button.

To redo the last change that was removed, click the Redo button.

To clear the entire canvas, click the Revert button. 

Note: This cannot be undone and displays a confirmation message. 

View Errors

Layers display icons to display errors in the canvas, if any.

  • Red triangle: Too low image resolution, which may result in poor print quality.

  • Yellow triangle: The object is too close to the edge.

To correct an error, click the layer object and adjust it appropriately in the canvas window. Once errors are corrected, the triangle changes to a green check mark and then disappears from the window.

View Editor Options

The following options are included in the Advanced Editor menu as layer options: Text, Rich Text, Image, Line, Rectangle, Ellipses, QR Code, Barcode, Background Image, Variable Data.

Text: Insert a text layer. Additional formatting options display in a menu above the canvas window. To view additional text layer options, click the More link.

Rich Text: Insert a rich text layer. This layer mimics the regular text layer except all the options are located in the same window.

Image: Insert an image. Images can be uploaded to your account files, or selected from public images. To insert an image, click the image. At the bottom of the window, click the Insert link. Images can also be edited directly in the image window.

Line: Insert a line. Additional formatting options display in a menu above the canvas window.

Rectangle: Insert a rectangle. Additional formatting options display in a menu above the canvas window.

Ellipses: Insert an ellipses (circle). Additional formatting options display in a menu above the canvas window. 

QR Code: Insert a QR code. QR codes can be created for card data, URLs, or a phone number. Select the tab for the type of QR code you want to create and enter the appropriate data.

Barcode: Insert a barcode. You can create either an EAN 8 or EAN 13 barcode.

Background: Insert a background image. This menu displays the same options as available when inserting an image. 

Variable Data: Insert variable data for the mail campaign. Any selected data item displays as an individual text layer. 

Supported data can be selected from a drop-down list and includes the following options:

  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Customer Phone
  • Customer Email
  • Customer Address 1
  • Customer Address 2
  • Customer City
  • Customer State
  • Customer Zip Code
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Engine
  • Vehicle VIN
  • Real Estate Address 1
  • Real Estate Address 2
  • Real Estate City
  • Real Estate State
  • Real Estate Zip Code
  • Animal Name
  • Transaction Location
  • Transaction Total
  • Transaction Subtotal
  • Last Transaction Date
  • Expires in 15 Days
  • Expires in 30 Days
  • Expires in 45 Days
  • Expires in 60 Days