You can add a segment as a trigger or an action in a customer journey and collect customer information. Learn more about trigger configurations and actions used in customer journeys.

Watch a video about Segments

Open Segments Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Segments link.

Add Segment

Click the Add Segment button.

Add Name and Description

In the Name field, create a name for the segment.

In the Description field, create a description for the segment. The description is for informational purposes only. 

Build Segment

Use the Segment Builder to create your segment. For help using the segment builder, see the configuration information in the Check Data Field node condition document.

Set Segment Details

By default, the segment is a static segment. Static segments place customers within an initial segment based on the set qualification when the customer entered the node. Customers can be added or removed manually.

If you want to identify the segment as a dynamic segment, click the Dynamic Segment checkbox [1]. Dynamic segments place customers within an initial segment but can be modified based on variable qualifications. Customers can be managed by node triggers, actions, and conditions.

To identify the segment possession, click the Possession Included checkbox [2].

Create Segment

Click the Create button.