The Two-Way Messaging Center can be used to communicate directly with individual customers, and show you their messaging history with your company.

Open Two-Way Messaging

In the Navigation Menu, locate the Marketing section, click the Two-Way Messaging icon.

The Two-Way Messaging Center will open. Here you can see all messages sent to and received from your customers.

Two-Way Messaging Center

The top of the message center shows filters you can turn on/off to help you see the most relevant messages. Show Unsubscribed and Show Outgoing are turned off when you enter the message center. Turn on Show Unsubscribed to see customers that have previously unsubscribed from receiving text messaging from your phone number (by replying STOP at anytime). Turn on Show Outgoing to display all messages sent from here in the message center or from your Customer Journeys by your company.

Use the Search bar to search all text message for a specific customer's name, number, or anything in the body of the last message.


In the Customer column it displays the customer's name and phone number, the Message column displays the last message (the message shown here changes based on your filter settings), The Date column shows the date and time the message was sent.

Customer Drawer and Direct Messaging

Click on a customer you'd like to message and the Customer Drawer will open from the right side of the screen. It will open in the Messaging tab. This will display the message history with this customer. You can enter the message you'd like in the text field near the bottom of the Customer Drawer and click Send. You can also attach files such as images to the message by clicking on the Attachment (paper clip) Icon. 

Messages sent from the Two-Way Messaging Center are subject to the text message character limits and Cinch's billing terms. Text messages are sent as SMS Messages. All messages with attachments are sent as MMS Messages.

The other tabs in the Customer Drawer are Details, Timeline, and Actions. Each tab shows different information about your customer, their interaction with your company, and your marketing attempts to them.

Unsubscribe & Resubscribe Methods

A customer can unsubscribe from receiving messages at any time by replying with STOP to your messaging phone number. You may also manually unsubscribe a customer or just check on their unsubscribe status in the Customer Drawer. Click the Details tab. At the bottom of this tab there will be a box that says "Unsubscribe from SMS", simply click this to unsubscribe the customer.

A customer can resubscribe to receiving messages as well by replying with START to your messaging phone number. You may not manually resubscribe a customer on their behalf.

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