The Broadcasts page in Cinch is used to create and send simple, one-time emails. 

Open the Broadcasts page

In the Navigation Menu, locate the Marketing section, click the Broadcasts icon. 

The Broadcasts page will open. Here, you will see all broadcast emails that have been sent in the past, or are scheduled to send in the future.


The top of the broadcasts page has a search bar to help filter through the broadcast emails displayed in the list. The page can be sorted by each of the columns. The email template and segment used are shown along with various details associated with each broadcast.

Create a new Broadcast Email

Click the "+" in the top right corner to create a new broadcast. Select the Segment you would like to send the email to from the Segment drop-down menu. Select the Email Template you would like to send to your selected segment from the Template drop-down menu.

You can select to send the broadcast Now or Later. If Later is selected, you will need to choose a send date, time, and timezone to use.

Optionally, enter a Google Analytics Campaign Title if desired. Check the checkbox if you want to limit this email to only be sent to an email address once. Leave the checkbox blank if you do not want to limit the email.

 *Multiple customers in the segment could use the same email address.

When you have finished selecting the parameters for your Broadcast Email, click Create. The broadcast will now appear in the list. Refresh the browser page to update the numbers in each of the columns.

Editing and Deleting Broadcasts

Broadcast Emails that have been sent may be deleted from the Broadcasts menu screen. Emails that are scheduled to send in the future may be deleted or edited. Click the More Options (...) button and select edit or delete as desired.

*Note that any Broadcast Email scheduled for "Now" will have a short timeframe (5 minutes from creation) to edit or delete the email before it gets sent.

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