The Cinch User’s Menu is the central location where you can direct and manage all of your employees within each company. As you may have noticed, the company menu does not list which users are connected to it. That functionality is here, in this menu. Within the Users menu you can select any single member of your company and control their level of access across all companies in which you have the right to manage users. From one company you have the ability to control the access of all of your users in one place. 

To begin setting up Users for your company, first Select the ‘+’ button at the top right of the menu. The invitation wizard will pop up, giving you the following to work with: 

The First and last name of the user, once selected cannot be changed without contacting Cinch. So be careful in creating your Users. The email address should be double checked before you select invite, which is also a value that cannot be changed without creating a customer service request of Cinch. Setting a user’s Role is something you can afford to have some leeway on, as it can be updated later. The rest of a User’s details cannot be updated freely.  

The invite will be sent instantly, though if the recipient has any kind of email filtering there is a chance that it may be filtered into spam folders. When the incoming user clicks the link, they will be invited to join your company’s experience in Cinch. Make sure that you have selected the appropriate Role for this user before they login for the first time. If you feel like they haven’t received the right Role, you can edit your User settings at any time.

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