The Cinch User’s Menu is the central location where you can direct and manage all of your employees within each company. The company menu does not list which users are connected to it. That functionality is here in this menu. Within the Users menu you can select any single member of your company and control their level of access across all companies in which you have the right to manage users. From one company you have the ability to control the access of all of your users in one place. 

    Your list of created users shows only those that have access to the current company. Keep that in mind, if you remove their access to a company and reload the page, they will disappear. If a user loses access to all companies they will be impossible to see, then you will not be able to find them again. A customer service request will be needed to bring them back. Any selected user can be given access to any company you have the ability to manage Roles within.  


In the case where you have multiple companies being managed by the same set of employees, you can go and verify that each of your Users you want to have in those companies have the correct role and company access. Simply select the Companies Menu and work as the company you wish to verify the presence of those Users, and select the Users menu afterwards. If you have correctly assigned them to that company, you will see the User’s information in the Company’s page.  

If you just want to invite someone to join your company directly, you can use the New User functions to invite someone to your company. 

See article - Creating a New User