Journeys are created by nodes, which are connecting points that define an intended direction. Node triggers interact with actions and conditions to create a customer’s journey.

When a customer is ejected from a journey, the customer has completed a session. However, customers can re-enter a journey or start another session generated by a trigger from a different journey.

Most nodes can be configured to create specific customer journeys. Some nodes require configuration—the node displays a warning icon until configuration is complete. Nodes requiring configuration include an asterisk.

The following nodes are available for a customer journey: 

  • Triggers

    • Transaction

    • Added to Schedule

    • Time Trigger*

    • Recurring Time Trigger*

    • Segment Trigger*

    • Web Form

    • Abandoned Cart

    • Shopify Fulfillment

    • From Zapier

  • Actions

    • Time Delay
    • Send Mail*
    • Send Email*
    • Send SMS*
    • Send MMS*
    • Send Notification
    • Webhook
    • A/B Testing
    • Add to Segment*
    • Remove from Segment*
    • Add to Facebook Audience*
    • Remove from Facebook Audience*
    • Eject from Journey
    • Send to CallTools
    • Contest Winners
    • Recurring Contest Winners
    • To Zapier

  • Conditions

    • Check Email Status
    • Has Transaction
    • Repeat Customer
    • Distance from Location
    • Check Data Field*
    • In Segment

Note: Nodes that are configured incorrectly or not configured at all display a warning icon within the journey page. Learn how to manage invalid node configurations.